Update #2 (4:47 p.m. Eastern): That was fast. Xbox Live is back up and running.

Update #1 (4:41 p.m. Eastern): Microsoft has amended its statement on the issues facing Xbox Live right now. "It’s come to our attention that some of you are unable to sign in to Xbox Live," the statement reads "As you read this message, we’re diligently work toward a fix, and we’re grateful for your patience during this process. Another update is coming your way in 30 minutes."

Original Story (4:33 p.m. Eastern):

Xbox Live is currently experiencing service problems for Xbox One users. Microsoft has posted a service message on the Xbox website.

“Xbox members, we’re aware that some of you are unable to sign in to Xbox Live, and we’re on it,” the message reads “Thanks for your patience while we work to correct this issue. Feel free to check back in half an hour for an update on our progress.”

We’ll update as more information is available. For now, know tha Microsoft is working on the problem.

[Source: Xbox Live]