The popular game livestreaming service Twitch has launched a beta of its new group chat features.

The beta was announced today on the official blog. On the original post there's a video that will walk you through the basics. It's exactly what you'd expect - a quick and easy way to invite friends to private chat rooms on Twitch. This will be useful for having a mods-only chat window in addition to the public chat, or just for those times when you want a more private Twitch experience. You'll be able to have up to 10 private chats open at one time, and the ability to block invites from unknown users.

For a more detailed walkthrough, there's also a lot of information about private chat at the Twitch Knowledge Base.


Our Take:
Sounds like a great feature to me, but I hope it doesn't impact the social aspects of Twitch. Still, I guess it's not a truly social experience until you can begin excluding others.