The long-awaited release of Hearthstone on iPad is here… if you live in one of three countries chosen for the soft launch. If you’re an American rushing to the App Store, cool your jets. We haven’t been dealt in yet.

Blizzard has announced a soft launch of the iPad version of its Warcraft-themed collectible card game. If you are in Canada, New Zealand, or Australia, the game should be appearing in the Apple App Store for you soon.

The rest of the world will have access to the iPad version soon. Android and Windows tablet versions are also currently in development. The game is now fully launched for PC and Mac, so you can always get started now. For more, check out our review.


Our Take
Hearthstone is a game I like on PC, but can find myself playing far more frequently on my iPad. Hopefully the soft launch means that we’ll be seeing a worldwide release soon. And if you’re wondering why Canada, New Zealand, and Australia seem to be popular locations for early release? A mobile developer tells me that those countries are “exceedingly average,” making them prime testing grounds for in-app purchase and play habits.