Krautscape is surreal-looking multiplayer racer with a few twists, namely gliders and tracks that you create as you drive. It's one of the latest titles published by Midnight City, and you can play the game now via Steam Early Access for $7.99.

The racer in the lead makes choices on the upcoming sections of the track by picking a side. Hugging the left side will cause the track to go left. Want to create a loop de loop? You can, and you can even leave the track entirely thanks to your vehicle's glider functionality, opening up even more possibilities. 

Krautscape currently includes three game modes: Snake, Ping Pong, and Collector. Each mode capitalizes on the game's unique features. Snake has players racing on a self-destructive track that vanishes over time. Collector has players intentionally building the course to get near cubes in order to collect them and drive them back to a checkpoint, while Ping Pong mode makes players race their tracks in reverse. The developers promise more content is on the way in the coming weeks as well.

Our Take:
Krautscape looks like a great blend between F-Zero and Mario Kart, and art-wise the game is beautiful. The game is being sold at a reduced price while it's in Early Access, and will regularly retail for $9.99. If this looks like fun, you might want to pick it up sooner rather than later.