If you started playing the PS3 or Vita version of MLB 14 The Show, you may have noticed that your teams aren’t up to date. Sony’s San Diego studio is aware that players are eagerly anticipating the first live update, but it’s going to be a week before your lineup looks right.

“The first Live Roster of the year will be available April 8, 2014,” the team says in a forum post. “We understand this is a week later than years past. Please understand that if we could have offered the live roster on April 1st, without jeopardizing other critical responsibilities we would have.”

Executive editor Andrew Reiner (an avid baseball fan who suffered through the Cubs opening loss yesterday) identified that his team’s roster was missing third baseman Mike Olt (who doesn’t appear to be in the game at all). Users in the official forums report a number of players absent from rosters across the league.

If you’re holding off for the PlayStation 4 version, which is due out on May 6, the roster issues should be fixed for you. Our review of MLB 14 The Show will be coming soon.

[Source: The Show Nation]


Our Take
It’s disappointing that those looking for a sim experience have to wait an additional week for teams that match the players on the field. Hopefully the live roster that hits in a week will be the most current and error free.