Microsoft's announcement is no joke; Twitch streaming on Xbox One is already incredibly popular.

Microsoft broke down the good news on its news wire, stating that Xbox One users streamed more minutes (2.7 million, to be exact) during its first day of service than any other Twitch console app has on its respective launch day.

According to Microsoft, 108,000 Xbox One users tried broadcasting via Twitch during its first week of availability, which the company says took "another console" a month to achieve. The average broadcast on Xbox One is 28 minutes, a good sign that players aren't just experimenting for a few minutes and then losing interest.

Titanfall has been the game of choice for Twitch users on Xbox One, who have already streamed more than 10 million minutes of the game so far. Twitch CEO Emmett Shear says the company will continue working with Microsoft to roll out new features on the platform.

[Source: Microsoft]


Our Take
Microsoft's decision to bundle the Kinect with Xbox One gives the company a clear advantage over Sony when it comes to streaming – every owner already has all of the required components to start broadcasting. Whether Microsoft can translate that popularity into some benefit beyond bragging rights remains to be seen, but clearly the biggest winner is Twitch.