Fans have been speculating how exactly Nintendo would dive into the realm of mobile. Would they make Nintendo games available on the app store? A Nintendo mobile app? Well, now we have our answer...they've partnered with Google to bring the world of Pokémon to Google Maps.

In what is obviously an early April Fools' Day Joke (and possibly the best one ever), Google has announced a competition: to work at Google as a Pokémon Master. All you have to do to secure this legendary position is use your smartphone to explore Google Maps and capture as many Pokémon as you can. The best part about this joke though is that it's actually real. Kind of. You can start capturing Pokemon right now, just be sure to update your Google Maps app on your phone and then click into the search bar to start. 

It looks like a mix of 150 Pokémon from different generations are currently roaming free, and capturing one will update your in-app Pokédex. The announcement video states the competition ends on April 2, so you better get to capturing. Even if this extraordinary gag doesn't last beyond April 2, it's great to see Nintendo thinking about how to use their properties in the mobile space. Who knows, it may even be a hint of things to come.