Update: We were hoping for a trailer (typically signifying that a new episode is close at hand). Instead, we got a bit of new art.

The image shows Bigby in his more hirsute form. When we have more information on A Crooked Mile, we'll update.

Original Story:

Telltale Games is getting ready to share new details about The Wolf Among Us’ third episode. History shows that Telltale typically doesn’t start talking about a new episode until it's close to launch.

The news comes from Telltale director of public relations Job Stauffer on Twitter.

We’ll update you once we know exactly what Telltale has for us on A Crooked Mile.

[Source: @JobJStauffer]


Our Take
My money is on a trailer, but not a release date. Because Telltale juggles multiple platforms, we often don’t know when new episodes are hitting until right before it happens. That said, “coming soon” for Telltale usually means within a week or two, so get ready for more Bigby.