Sonic is no stranger when it comes to entering the universes of other video games. He’s fought in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, participated in the Olympics, and explored Yoshi’s Island. Now he is racing into Hyrule in a new Zelda-themed DLC for Sonic Lost World.

The Zelda Zone DLC is available now from the Wii U eShop free for anyone who owns Sonic Lost World. On his quest, Sonic wears the green tunic, explores Hyrule, encounters creatures from The Legend of Zelda, and even comes across Link, who is seen riding on his Loftwing in the trailer.

Certain mainstays of the Zelda series like using bombs to discover secret areas and finding hidden chests are included. The version of Hyrule found in the DLC is inspired by Hyrule Field and Dodongo’s Cavern, according to Sega. 

Nintendo's president and CEO Satoru Iwata announced that the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World would get getting two free sets of DLC at a Nintendo Direct presentation last year. A Yoshi’s Island Zone DLC for Sonic Lost World was available from the Wii U eShop following the presentation. We identified some problems with Sonic Lost World when we reviewed it last year.