With Double Helix having parted ways with Microsoft following the studio’s acquisition by Amazon, a new developer for Killer Instinct was needed. Microsoft has tapped Divekick studio Iron Galaxy, with a transition currently in progress.

Speaking with Polygon, Iron Galaxy says it won’t turn the game into something different from what Double Helix started, but declined to discuss specific plans. Double Helix is wrapping up Killer Instinct’s first season of content with the release of Fulgore on April 9.

Along with the new character comes an arcade mode, eight-player lobbies, and an ability to spectate matches. Season two will be coming from Iron Galaxy, but what that might entail is yet unknown.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
Microsoft and Double Helix have been managing an extensive transition to get Iron Galaxy up to speed. Without knowing any specifics about season two content though, it’s impossible to speculate how the game might change under new leadership. One thing’s for certain, a new team does mean change, even if it’s not drastic.