Video games are designed to be fun, but sometimes we don't have fun playing them. Has playing a game ever turned your face red or made you want to lash out and smash something?

Personally, I try not to get angry while playing games. They're a hobby and meant to be a leisure activity. That leisure is not nearly as enjoyable if you're steaming mad. So if I start to feel agitated while playing a game, I take a break.

However, in high school, I had a friend who would get so angry when he was losing at a fighting game that he would start throwing controllers. Even though the games frustrated him, he would usually go back to them after a day or so.

Have you ever felt the same way? Has a game ever made you so mad that you wanted to throw a controller? Have you ever gotten to the point were you've had to take a break, go for a run, or do something else more constructive with your frustrated energy?

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