The rumors are flying hot and heavy regarding Amazon's entry into the video game console market. The latest revolves around the unit size, and possible ability to stream PC games.

The report comes from TechCrunch, which states that the "console" will actually be a dongle - similar to Google's Chromecast or the upcoming Roku stick. In essence, will be around the size of a large USB memory stick, and be strictly used as an interface between your television and games streamed from the cloud.

The more interesting part of the report involves the unit's possible ability to stream a selection of PC games, in the same manner as the troubled OnLive service. This is the first report of PC gaming being a part of the equation for Amazon's console, which was thought to be an Android device. The report says that the games will be "top tier" PC titles and will be able to be streamed at 30 frames per second.

Source: TechCrunch via Destructoid

Our Take:
Well, there's certainly an Amazon console coming - with this much smoke there has to be some fire. This new rumor piques my interest - a low-cost solution to bringing PC games to more gamers has some appeal. This would also fit with the recent surfacing of pictures of a traditional Xbox-style controller for the Amazon console.