Unity Technologies’ cross-platform game engine is a popular tool for a lot of smaller game developers. The next iteration of Unity, known as Unity 5 has been announced, according to Polygon.

Note: Polygon originally broke the news, but has since removed the post.

The update will focus on the game’s audio toolset, the physically based shader system, and will upgrade lighting. Unity Cloud will also be included in Unity 5, and will allow mobile game developers to use full screen ads in mobile games, as well as share ad units with other Unity developers.

Unity 5 can be pre-ordered from Unity Technologies’ store starting tomorrow. Unity has been used to power games like Gone Home on PC and consoles, and mobile games like République. Unity 4 was released in 2012. 

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
Unity has proved useful for a number of developers who are smaller in staff size or who focus on mobile. Unity 5 should be a good tool to help them create better games and improve the development process moving into the next generation of consoles.