Fans of Infamous: Second Son won’t have to wait until Friday to pick up the soundtrack. It’s currently available for pre-order on iTunes for $9.99 and will be available March 18.

Composer Marc Canham scored the soundtrack, and also worked on the soundtrack for Far Cry 2 and The Secret World. A goal for the soundtrack was to have it mesh well with the Seattle setting found in Infamous: Second Son.

“I wanted to bring an alternative, layered sound to the score, without it being overly polished,” Canham says in a press release. The press release also says that Canham makes natural sounds be more electronic, and vice-versa.

Infamous: Second Son will be available March 21 on PlayStation 4. Watch the game in action and check out our hub if you’re interested in learning more about Sucker Punch’s open world game.


Our Take
The Infamous series has always had great soundtracks, and Second Son's is positioned to continue that trend. If you're big into game music or Infamous, you should consider looking into the soundtrack.