Platoons have left the early access stage for Battlefield 4, and are now open to everyone.

Platoons were a useful feature in Battlefield 3 that were cut for the sequel. Joining a platoon made it easier to keep a party together by allowing them to group up before a match. Last month, DICE allowed players to sign up for early access platoon testing, but now the feature is available to all. Along with helping to keep groups together, the platoon also helps teams communicate with more chat and messaging options, and make it easier to coordinate scheduling.

In order to get your platoon started by adding friends, head here.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
Battlefield fans were surprised by the absence of platoons in Battlefield 4, along with all their other surprises related to not being able to play the game and having general problems with multiplayer. The game has been out for nearly four months, and though it's a little surprising to see DICE still working on making the game a complete experience after so long, it's nice that the developer is committed to supporting the game for the long term.