Valve is going to be at GDC next week in San Francisco, and they are bringing a new version of the Steam Controller with them. The new version drops the central touchscreen and adds buttons that are more consistent with what’s present on other platform input devices.

The new version of the controller is featured in the banner above. The original layout can be seen below.

The controller also adds four directional buttons, which diverges from the traditional d-pad layout. The touch-sensitive circular regions, which are what set the Steam controller apart from other input devices, are still featured.

For more, check out thoughts from Team Meat's Tommy Refenes and our own hands-on impressions.


Our Take
I’m extremely curious about the Steam controller and will try to make time during GDC next week to swing by and try one. It’s still aesthetically jarring because of my preconceptions about game controllers, but that doesn’t matter if it works well.