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We Have Another 100 Elder Scrolls Online Beta Codes For You

We have another 100 codes for the next The Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend. We'll be giving them away to you over the next day, and this time, you can play as an Imperial.

We’re going to make this easy on you again. All you need to do is follow the official Game Informer twitter account (@GameInformer) for code drops.

The beta weekend begins on Friday, March 14, at 12 p.m. Eastern and will continue through Sunday, March 16, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. We’ll also be giving some away in the comments here. Just let us know why you want to play in the beta and you might get selected.

If you do get a code, you’ll need to create your account on the official website. Once you do so, you’ll be able to download and update the client. If you already have a code from any previous beta weekend, you're all set for this weekend, so there's no need to enter.

Good luck! 

  • This would be awesome if it didn't involve bloody Twitter. Oh well...
  • played the first BETA invite for 5 hours, didn't touch it again.. not feeling anything towards this game.
  • I received my code after my signup, but never actually got around to giving the beta a try. Is it any good?
  • I would love to play this beta! I need a break from the stressful life i have. Between getting up at 3 am six days a week to my tv taking a crap and having to get a new one. This would be great. Thanks.

  • Why not. Let's give it a shot. Pretty much the only reason I would play is because it's Elder Scrolls and I've enjoyed all the Bethesda ones so far so I guess could Zenimax Online's a chance.
  • I would be greatly honored to be selected in the beta. I love the Elder Scrolls. So much, I have TES: Oblivion's symbol tattooed on me. I have always loved the games and I think TES Online would look glorious on the new tower I built, which is one reason I can't afford to get this wonderful game quite yet. Please consider me for a key! ? ? ?
  • I'd love to have a code because I've never had an opportunity to try a true MMO and I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls universe!

  • I neeed a code I want to see all the new regions to travel to and the new spells to learn.

  • I already follow GameInformer on Twitter and would love to participate in the beta.

  • Can´t wait to try this tomorrow even though I will not buy the game, I got na invitation yesterday and just waiting for the servers to go online.

  • I would love one!

  • Side note, last beta started early, so dont hesitate to try logging in a little earlier then 12pm

  • This game is just awful generic MMO ***. It's too bad, it could have been The Elder Scrolls, online.

  • This game is just awful generic MMO ***. It's too bad, it could have been The Elder Scrolls, online.
  • I want to try the game out before I buy it (because its alot of money. No one I know is getting it so I'd be out of luck if I don't get in the beta

  • I really wish I already had the new gaming computer I'm looking to get within the next month. I have the CE pre-ordered and still haven't gotten the computer to play it. Too bad the console version won't be out until June or July! :(

  • I would love a code! Skyrim was my first Elder Scrolls, but it's also one of the first games I've ever platinum'd on Playstation, and I can't wait to pour that much time into this one.
  • I'd love to play the beta. Long time elder scrolls fan, would love to try it out.

  • I would love one cause I have been a fan since the very first one and me and my dady use to play morrowind together we would help each other find good weapons so I have a fondness of then since he passed away

  • A PS4 code would be amazing

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