Update #2: Microsoft has provided additional comment on the relationship between service issues and the release of Titanfall. 

“Microsoft is investigating an issue that may interrupt customer access to some Microsoft online services," a representative told us via email. "This is unrelated to the launch of Titanfall and the Xbox Live service is up and running. The issue on Xbox is resolved, but unfortunately a small percentage of Xbox One owners may still experience a sign-in issue on Xbox Live, which can be fixed with a cold reboot of the Xbox One by powering down, unplugging, waiting 10 seconds, plugging back in and powering back on. The Xbox team sincerely apologizes for the interruption.”

Update #1: This is a correction to the original story. The problems reported are not with sign-in services (though that message was recently updated), rather YouTube and Netflix on Xbox One and YouTube on Xbox 360 are currently experiencing issues. If you are experiencing ongoing login problems, Microsoft advises that you fully power down your console and reboot. 

Original Story:

Yesterday’s Titanfall launch was plagued with Xbox Live system-wide service problems. The issues were attributed to the log-in process, meaning anyone who managed to get in was able to play without difficulty.

Following a fix last night, the Xbox Live status page is once again reporting problems. The issues are focused on the login process again.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for more details and will update should new information become available.

[Source: Microsoft]


Our Take (updated)
Microsoft's Xbox Live service problems over the past day, while certainly not a complete shutdown and allegedly not connected to Titanfall, make me quite happy that the company abandoned its plans for an online-only console.