We received today some new marketing materials from Sony regarding its upcoming Infamous: Second Son release on PlayStation 4, coming March 21st. However, unlike a normal press release, the contents of the package were all in-universe items from the Infamous world. Several included postcards encouraging people to “Become A Conduit For Good” and that “Conduits Hold The Key To Our Future,” as well as providing links to the website Enjoy Your Power.

However, without a doubt, the coolest piece that arrived in this new package is a 3D sculpt of a “conduit protein” that is purportedly found in people who are activated conduits. The 3D sculpt seems to hang midair inside a transparent case. 

In addition, the package included a USB key with this video on it:

Are you considering checking out Infamous: Second Son when it releases in a few weeks? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Our Take
It’s always fun when developers and publishers come up with in-fiction ways to help build excitement for an upcoming game. The idea of a world struggling with an emerging class of superpowered individuals has been explored in comics like the X-Men for years, but the conduits of Infamous have a distinct feel all their own.