You may have seen some conflicting information about Twitch broadcasting on the Xbox One. Last night we reported on the March update, which is becoming available now. Microsoft has clarified some of the details.

In Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten’s post, he’s clear that Twitch broadcasting is coming on March 11, alongside Titanfall. However, the patch notes for the update and an email that went out to the public make it seem like everything is enabled right now.

The answer is somewhere in between. Twitch broadcasting requires two things: the March update and the new Twitch app. Until you have both of those, you can’t go live on your Xbox One.

Don’t worry, though. You should have the March update soon (if not already), and the new Twitch app will be in on your system in less than a week. 


Our Take
The two-part nature of the Twitch broadcasting update has led to some confusing information. We’ll have some impressions for you before the feature is available to the public, though.