Killing bad guys is a task made easier with a little help. Indie studio Exkee seems to be following that philosophy, turning to fans for the final funding for its upcoming PC game, Kill the Bad Guy. If you like what you see from a new gameplay trailer, you can support the project on Kickstarter.

The studio is trying to raise $60,000 through its Kickstarter page. The game has already been greenlit on Steam, and Exkee says the project is about three-quarters finished. This cash will help wrap things up for a projected May release.

As the trailer shows, the game pits players against the titular Bad Guys. Your mission is to kill them using traps. The trick is, these deaths have to look accidental. That means you'll have to avoid detection, and you can't just drop a bomb on the baddie and call it a day. Fortunately for you, the world is filled with deadly potential. Seemingly innocuous objects like crates, manhole covers, and even trees can become implements of doom when used correctly. Or, when all else fails, you can just go for a falling piano. Sure, that looks like an accident.

You can download a demo of the game here, for Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Our Take
This seems like as close to a sure thing as you're going to find on Kickstarter. If you like the concept – after getting a chance to play it, no less – it makes sense to chip in. Exkee has done the smart thing using it to finish up their work rather than to flesh out ideas that don't exist beyond some rough concept sketches and big ideas.