If you're devouring any Titanfall information you can before the game's launch, then you might want to tune into N0M4D's Twitch channel tomorrow to listen to Respawn's lead artist Joel Emslie candidly talk about the game.

Randy Fitzgerald, aka N0M4D, is a huge fan of shooters. In spite of a disability, Fitzgerald is able to play games using his face. This pro player was such a fan of Call of Duty that Infinity Ward named a button layout after him.

When the Infinity Ward team moved on to start Respawn, the two parties continued a friendship. Now that N0M4D has signed a two-year contract with Twitch TV, he'll be doing a LIVE Titanfall Q&A with lead artist Joel Emslie at 7 p.m. CST tomorrow, March 4. Fitzgerald has promised that he's not planning on holding anything back, so if you're interested in getting the scoop on the state of Titanfall a week before launch, then tune into N0M4D's Twitch stream.


Our Take
I always love seeing game developers interact with their fans, and it's great to see people like Fitzgerald rise up against their misfortunes and succeed in impressive ways. I'll probably check into this Twitch stream just to see what these two guys have to say.