Sony has announced the release dates and prices for games coming during the March Spring Fever event. Among the seven titles, are the long-awaited releases of Fez and Luftrausers.

The sale begins on March 4, with Luftrausers coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 18. Polytron’s Fez will finally make an appearance on all three active Sony platforms on March 25. Both titles will be part of the cross-buy program, with one purchase enabling play across multiple devices.

Here’s the full list of indie titles releasing on the PlayStation Network this month:

Each of these titles will have a 20 percent launch week discount for PlayStation Plus members. Sony also says that major franchises, including Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and BioShock will be part of weekly sales.


Our Take
Sony is reaffirming its commitment to indies with seven releases in four weeks. While six of these have been on other platforms, these titles will have new exposure to new audiences.