When Killer Instinct released for Super Nintendo in 1995, it came packaged with a soundtrack CD called Killer Cuts. Mick Gordon, composer on the recent Killer Instinct, is putting together a new Killer Cuts compilation for the Xbox One game.

Late last month, Gordon tweeted his intention to put together a new Killer Cuts compilation, asking for feedback from fans. Gordon didn't offer many additional details, but he did say it should be available sometime this month during a livestream.

Along with a new Killer Cuts soundtrack, Killer Instinct fans will also receive Fulgore this month.

[Source: @Mick_Gordon, via Killer Instinct Central, Destructoid]


Our Take
Some people don't really get into video game soundtracks outside of their context within the video games they were created for. Personally, there are a lot of soundtracks I appreciate even when not playing the game. I am listening to the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze soundtrack as I write this (thanks YouTube channel piplupwater!), so I find this pretty exciting.