Today on the PlayStation blog, Sony discussed a bit of what's coming for The Last of Us' season pass owners.

This will be the last addition for the season pass, and it provides a great deal of new things for those who play the multiplayer, including new maps, weapons, and skills. Sony has yet reveal any specifics as to how they function or how many different ones of each type they're adding, but these extras should bring some new life to the multiplayer experience.

Outside of multiplayer additions, a new difficulty mode will also be available for the single-player campaign. Sony states it will have more information as these new elements near completion. 

In that same post, Sony shared two different behind the scenes videos for The Last of Us. You can check out our coverage of them here.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
While Sony isn't giving any specifics, at least it's stating what the new content will be. I never really got into The Last of Us' multiplayer, but for those who play it, these additions should add an extra spark. As far as the new difficulty mode, I'd assume it's something more difficult to prove you have the chops to survive.