Wolfenstein: The New Order recently got a release date of May 20, but gamers have been looking for one other piece of information regarding which console to play it on. So far the PlayStation 4 has been outpowering the Xbox One, delivering higher resolution and/or frame rate. At least one game won’t force you to choose for these reasons.

Bethesda has confirmed that Wolfenstein: The New Order will run at 1080p and offer 60 frames per second on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No mention has been made of the last-generation console versions.

We recently previewed the first three chapters of Machine Games’ take on the Wolfenstein franchise on a PlayStation 4 test unit, and it ran smoothly and looked great. You can check out that preview here.

[Source: Gaming Bolt]


Our Take
I expect that more developers will find parity between the platforms as they have more time to work with the hardware. There is a practice effect in developing for different platforms, and while it might be more challenging to coax more power out of the Xbox One, I suspect that developers will learn to do just that quickly.