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Grand Theft Auto Online Looks The Part With The Business Update

Rockstar is trickling out some new content for players of Grand Theft Auto Online next week on PSN and Xbox Live.

The Business update – hitting on March 4 – features:

  • New Transportation
    • Cars: Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester,  Grotti Turismo R
    • Plane: Vestra
  • Weapons: Heavy Pistol, Special Carbine
  • Attire/Appearance: New suit jackets, masks, tattoos, blouses, and more clothing options.

Rockstar says the new vehicles and weapons will be also be available in story mode.

In other GTA Online news: You can also check out some new user-created, Rockstar-verified jobs for GTA Online.

[Source: Rockstar]


Our Take:
Unfortunately it's not online heists nor more story mode missions, but Rockstar has also just promised more info on those "in future updates." We don't want more info – we want to actually play them!

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