After delays and funding concerns, Double Fine has revealed that the second half of Broken Age is funded. The good news comes in part thanks to the studio’s shift to an episodic model mid-development.

Speaking with GamesIndustry International, studio head Tim Schafer wouldn’t talk specific sales numbers, but assures that the decision to break the game into two halves has achieved the goal of funding the remaining work on the second act and the unreleased mobile version. Broken Age was originally intended for release in October 2012, but thanks to bringing in $3.36 million against a $400,000 goal and stretch goal growth, the project was immediately pushed out a bit to account for the larger scope.

The first part was released in January, with a projected release of the remainder in April or May. When the split was announced, the game was originally planned for release via Steam Early Access rather than in a more traditional episodic model. For more on Broken Age’s first act, check out our review.

[Source: GamesIndustry International]


Our Take
In the interview with GamesIndustry, Schafer also cites internet hate and an anti-Kickstarter backlash. I was one of those critical of Double Fine’s intent to use Steam Early Access. I was also critical that the timing of this announcement came so soon after the close of the studio’s second Kickstarter campaign.

I take objection with some of Schafer’s statements in the Games Industry interview, particularly the legal distinctions he makes between publisher-funded and backer-funded games. Kickstarter projects are a moral obligation, but they is no less of an onus on a funded project manager (per Kickstarter’s terms).