Last week’s Xbox One system update introduced a couple of usability features fans have been asking for. Along with the controller battery indicator and storage management functions, the patch introduced a bug that’s plaguing some users.

On its official Twitter account, Microsoft has acknowledged the existence of a bug that causes a black, flickering screen after turning on. Microsoft suggests cycling the power fully by holding your finger over the white touch-sensitive “button” for 10 seconds.

This is different than simply tapping that spot on the console, which for most users just sends the hardware into a low-power state. Another Xbox One update is planned for early March in advance of Titanfall’s March 11 release. The focus of the next update is on social features.

[Source: @XboxSupport via Kotaku]


Our Take
Cycling the power on the Xbox One has repaired a couple of other issues with my console. Bringing the hardware online suddenly stopped turning on my other devices (despite the proper configuration). I’ve also had to reset to reestablish connection with my DVR. Between these bugs and the still-missing support for Dolby output via digital optical, I’m very hopeful that fixes get implemented soon.