Update: It appears that you still needed to request a beta entry in order to gain entry into the PC beta, even if you don't need a code anymore.

Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella said yesterday the PC beta would open up, possibly tomorrow. Currently, it is not completely open, but if you requested entry as late as yesterday afternoon, you should see the game in your Origin library soon, if it's not there already.

It's worth noting that the servers are currently getting slammed, so if you're having problems getting into a game, rest assured that Respawn is hard at work getting things up and running.


Original Story:

Tweets from Respawn and the official Titanfall twitter account say that the PC beta is beginning to open up to players.

You can check out some tweets below which show how to get in, if you haven't been able to yet.

The Xbox One beta for Titanfall opened last night. We recently live streamed some of the Titanfall beta, playing until the servers gave out on us. You can check out the video of us playing for nearly an hour below.

[Source: @Titanfallgame, @Respawn]

Our Take
This is more great news for fans who want to play Titanfall, but didn't get a code. Hurry and dive in! Or wait patiently until the game shows up in your library. Either way, you shouldn't have to wait too long to play.