Fireproof Games released The Room in 2012, and the clever mobile puzzle game spawned countless clones that failed to live up to the original. Thankfully, the developer managed to hit the bullseye a second time with The Room 2 last December, and now Android users can get in on the fun as well.

The Room 2 is now available on Google Play and Amazon Store for just $2.99. Fireproof Games says you'll need a decent system to play it, and as such it's not compatible with certain devices, but that they will be adding more devices as they test them.

For more on The Room 2, check out our review of the iOS version.

[Source: Fireproof Games]


Our Take
Android owners are used to playing second fiddle to iOS, so the fact that we only had to wait an extra two months to get such a quality game isn't that bad of a deal. The Room 2 is currently buried on Google Play; here's hoping it rises above the uninspired clones through word of mouth.