Recently, EA released a mobile version of the classic good-to-be-bad strategy title. To suggest that it hasn’t been well received due to the implementation of its free-to-play mechanics would be an understatement.

Whether directly as a response to the furor or simply because it’s Valentine’s Day and the Dungeon Keeper is red as a beating heart, EA has made the original title from Bullfrog free. You can get your copy on, and it will be added to your library permanently.

The sequel is also available on that service. You can expand your library with Dungeon Keeper 2 (without being asked to pay gems or wait for 24 hours) for only $1.49.


Our Take
I spent a lot of time in college playing Dungeon Keeper 2 (and you should most definitely play both of the PC titles). If EA is doing this as a way to repair some of the damage from the mobile game, it’s a nice gesture. Just expect to hear lots of people saying, “Why couldn’t the mobile game be like this?!” over the weekend.