Many gamers in America loved the gripping, odd Virtue's Last Reward. However, the game's creator says that he hasn't been able to get a sequel approved.

Kotaro Uchikoshi, who is the director of the Zero Escape franchise, posted a series of tweets explaining to his English-speaking fanbase why the next game in the series is currently not in development.

Uchikoshi wrote: "Well... I guess you have been curious about ZE3. In conclusion, unfortunately, I have to say that it is difficult to realize it "at this stage" yet, although we have done all we can."

He went on to detail the reason for his inability to get the game made, saying that, while the game is popular in the West, it is "in the red" in Japan, causing his supervisors to decide against approving a sequel.

Towards the end of the series of tweets Uchikoshi held out hope that a "great investor" might come up with the money to make the game, while also revealing that "Although we also examined crowd-funding like Kick Starter, we figured the idea is not quite persuasive enough."

Source: Gamasutra

Our Take:
It's a shame that the next Zero Escape looks like a long-shot. Our own Kim Wallace praised Virtue's Last Reward highly in her review. It's too bad that Uchikoshi doesn't feel that Kickstarter is a viable option, I think it could be a perfect vehicle for a cult series like Zero Escape. Let's hope that the success of Mighty No. 9 encourages more Japanese developers to look at crowdfunding.