Microsoft is bringing some of the March Xbox One update’s social improvements into focus. This morning, a number of upcoming tweaks to friends and parties were detailed. These are in addition to the update coming later this week (and not today as originally planned), which we detailed last week.

The focus is on five new and improved features that should make playing with friends faster and easier. Microsoft is bringing back a recent players list, giving users access to those people recently seen in multiplayer games. An “invite friends to game” option will also be returning, getting you into multiplayer matches faster with your friends.

Microsoft is also improving the friends list, showing those online in a priority location. Party chat will see an overhaul. No longer will you need to turn it on manually. It will be on by default when you start a party.

The March update, which is scheduled to roll out just before Titanfall’s launch, will include a number of other improvements. Microsoft plans to share more details over the coming weeks.


Our Take
I like some of the improvements to the Xbox One, but I miss the ease of use on the Xbox 360 with regard to parties and friends. These fixes get us closer to the user experience we’re accustomed to, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.