The Helghast from the Killzone franchise are one of the more memorable and iconic pieces of cannon fodder to make their way to video games in the last decade. Their Darth Vader-like breathing masks and glowing red eyes make for an intimidating foe. Now, if you are so inclined, you can pre-order your own personal Helghast Hazmat Trooper.

The figure manufacture, 3A, hasn't yet listed the item on its website, but details are popping up on various toy and hobby websites. The 1/6 scale Hazmat Trooper stands 12.5 inches tall, weighs in at 4.20 pounds and comes equipped with a Sta-5X Arc Cannon with moving pistons. And of course, yes, his eyes do light up. 

All that coolness does come with a price – the figure listing price currently ranges from $139.99 to $149.99, with a regular retail price of $150. If interested, this figure should be arriving around September.

[Source: Hobby Galaxy]