NBA Live 14 didn't set the world ablaze, but developer EA Tiburon isn't done improving the title. An upcoming update to the game introduces Shootaround mode and other improvements.

Shootaround mode is a tutorial space that lets you pick any player in the game and control them on the court in order to get used to the game's shooting, dribbling, and special moves. NBA Live 14 didn't feature in-game tutorials or a practice mode.

The update – coming sometime this week – also features tweaks to the game's lighting and textures, as well as changes to players' first steps and passing. Finally, the update will deliver the official court and jerseys for the All-Star Weekend, more Adidas Hardwood Classic unis, a new ball featuring the signature of newly minted commish Adam Silver, and some bug fixes.

For more on the game, check out Matt Bertz's review.

[Source: EA Sports via Polygon]


Our Take:
It's good to see a developer try and tackle its shortcomings, but I'm curious to see what the fans think of Shootaround mode. The mode doesn't feature a shot clock or defenders. At the expense of sounding picky, I personally like the practice mode in games like Pro Evolution Soccer, where you can customize how many opponent players you go up against so you can layer on the situational difficulty during practice. But yes, this is good for the series and its fans.