Capcom’s third quarter financials are a mixed bag. While the year-over-year performance in this quarter alone are down in the key areas of sales and net income, the company shared qualitative information that helps add color.

Capcom’s sales were ¥21.7 billion ($213.5 million) compared to ¥27.2 billion ($267 million) in the same quarter last year. Net income dropped by over 60 percent to ¥1 billion ($9.9 million) from ¥2.5 billion ($24.8 million) in third quarter 2012.

Capcom notes that Monster Hunter 4 has sold over four million units since its September 2013 launch in Japan. Dead Rising 3 has performed at expectation with over 1 million sold since the Xbox One launch in November 2013. Also mentioned was the better than expected performance of WayForward’s Duck Tales Remastered.

Lost Planet 3 sold below expectations, and as we mentioned last year, is a tentpole of Capcom’s current fiscal year. The publisher attributes the lower than anticipated sales to “intensifying competition in the European and North American markets.”

Capcom is projecting net income of ¥6.8 billion ($66.9 million) for the current fiscal year, which will end on March 31, 2014. This will put the company significantly ahead of its ¥2.97 billion ($29.3 million) finish in 2013.

[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
The sales of Lost Planet 3 are of no surprise, but focusing on the positive yields some interesting elements. I’m excited to see that Duck Tales Remastered did better than Capcom expected. I’m also pleased that an exclusive like Dead Rising 3 cracked a million copies sold in just over a month.

Capcom also notes a dip in mobile revenue, but improved sales of Dragon’s Dogma. I hope this signifies a push in the right direction for the publisher, as it becomes more in tune with what the western market is looking for.