Double Fine has started Amnesia Fortnight 2014 via Humble Bundle, allowing you to not only vote on ideas for game projects by staff members at the studio, but also to give charity as well.

Amnesia Fortnight is a game jam where members of the studio pitch their ideas internally with the winners going on to being made into playable game prototypes. Past winners include Costume Quest and Stacking.

Going to the Humble Bundle site (where you can see a video of the pitches) and paying any amount lets you vote on the pitches, play them, get the 2012 prototypes, and more. If you beat the average amount donated, you can also vote on an idea from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. Ward is the project lead on Amnesia Fortnight 2014.

This year's game jam is being documented on video by 2 Player Productions.

For more info head over to the Humble Bundle site.