As Blizzard prepares to unleash Diablo III’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, Activision has shared news of the game’s performance. Since its launch in May 2012, 15 million copies of the game have been sold across platforms. That's 1 million more since November.

After its initial release on PC and Mac, Diablo III made its way to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PlayStation 4 version is in development, which will include the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Diablo III on PC and Mac is headed for a big change, as the in-game auction houses (one that used gold and one that used real money) will be taken offline. For more on Diablo III, check out our recent preview of Reaper of Souls. The expansion will be out on March 25.


Our Take
Despite the fan backlash over Diablo III requiring an online connection and the real money auction house, the gameplay has kept the game relevant. I’m eager to dive back in when Reaper of Souls is released.