Google has released five experimental tech-demo mini-games for its wearable Glass hardware.

If you're a Google Glass early adopter, you can head here download the games now. Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter aren't really meant to be full games, but instead serve to try out Google Glass' assorted functions in video game applications. Google hopes it will encourage developers to try and come up with games on their own. The games are played with your voice, by tilting your head, or by placing your hand in your field of view to slice objects, which is how Shape Splitter works.

Our own experiences with Google Glass have been limited, but Dan Ryckert did get a chance to try on a pair at E3, where he saw some interesting and surprising things.

[Source: Google, via Joystiq]


Our Take
Google Glass isn't widely available yet, but even so, I'm surprised games haven't appeared for the device sooner. These games look marginally entertaining, but the real excitement comes from what sort of future games could result from this sort of technology. Remember that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the wearable video game? We'll be there soon.