Server updates are a reality that most gamers have to deal with these days. Nothing is more frustrating than when the game you really want to play is down because the servers are getting an update. Thankfully, Respawn doesn't think they'll need to force gamers to stop playing when it updates Titanfall's servers.

Respawn programmer Jon Shiring recently detailed how the company will be able to roll out new server updates in a forum post on Respawn's site. According to Shiring, "During our small Closed Alpha, we rolled out 3 new server builds and completely moved players from one build to the next without interrupting gameplay. Players never noticed a difference (other than some bugs went away). We will definitely be rolling out new server builds to fix issues that we find. Not every issue can be patched entirely on the server, and so some fixes will require a client patch. But new server builds are definitely something we will be doing."

This doesn't mean that Respawn will never have to power down the server, but it should diminish that necessity and make the rollout of new patches much more efficient.

[Source: IGN]


Our Take
This sounds very promising, and I'm exciting to see how it works in the final game. I hate it when I'm really looking forward to playing a game for the night and I can't because the servers are down, and I'm excited to see that we might be starting to move away from that.