Jonathan Blow and Number None, Inc.'s upcoming indie puzzler, The Witness, is adding support for Valve's recently unveiled SteamVR system.

Blow teased stereoscopic 3D virtual reality functionality in November of last year with some ambiguous screenshots, but it wasn't until yesterday that he revealed what the mysterious screenshots were referencing.

In a posting on The Witness' website, Blow said that for the most part he has been uninterested in virtual reality as it applies to video games. Working with Valve however, and getting a chance to see its virtual reality technology in action, Blow walked away impressed and has been working to get the technology working with The Witness.

"We will be supporting this device (and any similar devices) with The Witness. But I am really looking forward to see what gets designed specifically for devices like this," Blow said about virtual reality devices.

For more on The Witness, head here.

[Source: The Witness, via Gamasutra]


Our Take
I'm still not sure exactly what the future holds for virtual reality and Oculus Rift and comparable devices. You can read some of my thoughts here, but to summarize, I am not sure how practical wearing a device on my face to play video games will be in the long run. It's hard to deny how immersive the experience is though, and I am certainly interested in seeing how The Witness works with the functionality.