Update: Blizzard has offered a statement to OnGamer clarifying the recent layoffs.

Layoffs have occurred due to redundancies in Blizzard's San Francisco and Irvine offices. David Ting, former CEO of the recently acquired by Blizzard IGN Pro League, decided to leave Blizzard voluntarily in order to avoid relocation. Below you will find the statement offered to OnGamer from Blizzard.

Actually, what’s happening is we’ve had separate teams doing similar functions in our San Francisco and Irvine offices. So we’ve identified opportunities to consolidate the teams where it made sense and we have about 10-15 people in San Francisco we’d like to relocate to Irvine. The rest of the employees will remain in our San Francisco office. As a result of these changes, regrettably, David Ting has decided to embark on a new opportunity. He will remain with Blizzard for a number of months to oversee the transition while consulting on various projects.

Ting also offered a separate statement to OnGamer offering additional clarification.

Due to the relocation of major portions of the SF team to Irvine, I have decided it is time for me to pursue other opportunities within the Bay Area. I will be staying with Blizzard for a period of time to help with the transition as well as continue working on a few corporate initiatives. I have enjoyed my time at Blizzard as an employee and as an avid player of their games, and look forward to more exciting games to come.

Original story:

There has recently been a serious round of layoffs at Blizzard Entertainment's San Francisco office, including a section of employees from the recently acquired IGN Pro League.

In April of last year, Blizzard acquired the IGN Pro League. However, through a source we have learned that the entire video department at Blizzard's San Francisco office as well as David Ting – who was CEO of IPL before they were bought by Blizzard – have all been let go. We don't yet know why Blizzard let go so many new hires, but the company's career website currently has two job listings available at the San Francisco office.

We’ve reached out to Blizzard for an official comment.

[Source: OnGamers]


Our Take
It's always unfortunate to hear about lay-offs, especially at big, successful companies like Blizzard. It seems equally strange that Blizzard acquired much of this team less than a year ago and has already let them go. We wish everyone who has just suddenly found themselves unemployed the best of luck in finding a new job.