EA and DICE are asking Battlefield 4 players to vote on five different balancing options. The team is currently planning on a number of core gameplay tweaks, but wants input from the community on five things it’s considering.

“We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches,” a post on the Battlefield Blog reads. “But we need your help in identifying next steps. Let us know what we should focus on next by voting in our balancing poll.”

The five items include possible improvements to boat anti-air capabilities, buffing the engineer’s FGM-148 anti-armor missile, tuning down the stealth jet’s 20mm cannon, fast attack craft changes, and improved canister shells on the MBT and IFV vehicles. You can vote on the Battlefield Blog.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
I have had my share of problems with Battlefield 4, but it gives me hope to see DICE reaching out to the community to balance the game. Bringing the players closer to the process will help to mend some of the damage done by a rough launch and protracted repair period that isn’t even yet complete.