Earlier this week, we reported that a PC bug log pointed to Grand Theft Auto V making the leap from consoles. Now, retailer Amazon has listed the game for pre-order in two countries.

The listing appears currently on the German version of the website. It was also listed on the French storefront, but has since been removed.

Take-Two will be reporting its quarterly financial performance on February 3. Until that time, the company is in a quiet period (during which time it cannot make statements or announcements related to major products. Grand Theft Auto V on PC safely qualifies as a major announcement.

[Source: Amazon.de via Dual Shockers, Joystiq]


Our Take
Grand Theft Auto titles drive Take-Two performance quarter after quarter. The company knows how to pace its platform ports and DLC to draw out the tail of its titles and stagger cash flow. 

The only hesitation I have is that Rockstar’s PC support is inconsistent. Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3 are on the platform, but Red Dead Redemption and The Warriors never made it. Evidence is pointing toward GTA V on PC, and perhaps we’ll know more on February 3.