Co-creators of the original 1984 Boulder Dash arcade game Peter Liepa and Chris Gray have announced a new development studio and an upcoming Boulder Dash remake for mobile devices.

The new studio, TapStar, has three games in development, one of which is Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, which you can see above. It represents the first time Liepa and Gray have teamed up since the release of the original arcade game.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary will be available early this year as a "freemium" game for iOS and Android devices, with plans to bring the game to PC, Mac, and console platforms in the future.

The other two games in development are a crossword puzzle and slot machine crossover game and a title called Run for Your Life, a zombie action game. For more on the games, you can check out TapStar's website.

To read the full press release for the announcement, head to page two.


Our Take
Boulder Dash already has a few iterations on mobile devices and has also appeared on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo platforms in the last few years without making a huge splash. I'm curious to see if having the original creators on board will help revitalize the series.