Currently, the top two best-selling games on Steam aren’t even finished. Almost a week ago, DayZ broke through the one million copy mark. Today, Rust, from the creator of Garry’s Mod, has bested it.

Garry Newman, the title’s creator, suggests that since the game’s December 11, 2013, release via Steam’s Early Access program, it’s made 40 percent of what Garry’s Mod took nine years to earn. According to MCV, Newman’s first release has brought in $22 million, putting Rust at approximately $8.8 million. 

Newman’s team now numbers 15, including some members of the Garry’s Mod community. The group is working on a number of projects in addition to getting Rust to a “finished” state, which will include removing the zombies and adding new server-wide events (both positive and negative).

The title is available on Steam now for $19.99. If you are waiting until the game is finished to jump in, you’ll be happy to know that Newman doesn’t expect the price to go up.

[Source: GamesIndustry via MCV]


Our Take
Early access is here to stay. With DayZ and Rust raking in big money (not to mention the dozens of other games that are finding success in the program), expect to see more developers asking you to open your wallet for unfinished goods. We identified this phenomenon as one we expect to be a regular discussion point in 2014, and with this kind of money in play, expect to hear more about early access in the coming months.