Resogun, one of the PlayStation 4 titles available as part of the Instant Game Collection on day one, will be getting some additional content. Developer Housemarque is working on DLC for the title alongside another, unannounced project.

The news comes by way of the game’s Facebook page, in response to a fan question about the title coming natively to the Vita. While that doesn’t seem to be in the cards (yet), Housemarque replied with news of its current endeavors.

We enjoyed Resogun’s voxel-infused aesthetics quite a lot. You can read our review of the title here and a test chamber here.

[Source: Resogun on Facebook via IGN]


Our Take
Resogun is begging for DLC, especially as a way to monetize the PlayStation 4 owners who received the game as part of their PlayStation Plus membership. New ships and new levels would bring me back to the Defender-inspired shooter without hesitation.