HBO's CEO Richard Plepler has good news for PlayStation owners. The network's popular television streaming service is coming to both of Sony's current home consoles.

While there is no release date for the PSN HBO Go app, we do know that the service will first come to PlayStation 3's huge user base, with PlayStation 4 to follow shortly after.

As on Xbox 360, you will need to be a subscriber to HBO through a cable provider, and enter that information into your PlayStation 3 or 4 so the service and authenticate your cable account. After the initial setup, it should authenticate automatically.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Our Take:
In my opinion, HBO Go is probably the best thing to ever happen to television. Looking back through HBO's back catalog is amazing; the network has produced so much great content over the years. It's also got a great current lineup, anchored by Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and Girls. The new True Detective is great as well. I'm happy that HBO has finally brought this service to Sony's platforms. However, the really great thing would be is if they finally allowed you to purchase HBO Go alone, without having to go through the middleman of a cable provider.