Microsoft doesn't really have a formal presence at this year's CES, but that doesn't mean that the corporation isn't checking out the lay of the land. In an interview with Engadget, Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten teased some planned improvements to the Xbox One.

Whitten hints at improvements in dashboard functionality and ease of use based on consumer feedback, particularly smoother party integration. No specific timeline is given, but it sounds like it shouldn't be too far off.

As far as live game streaming activation, that is still several months off. Twitch's comments earlier today supported that sentiment.

For the full quotes and details, check out the original story on Engadget.


Our Take:
It's good to hear that Microsoft is listening to its customer base and hopefully delivers on its promise to smooth out the rough edges in the Xbox One interface. It would be nice to get more specifics on fixes and timing, but it seems like getting it out before Titanfall launches in March is a no-brainer.